Oh My Nappy Hair Salons for natural hair, chemical hair and ethnic hair
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Rosario of Oh My Nappy Hair Salons of California and Atlanta
Oh My Nappy Hair Salons of Atlanta, Georgia, Oakland, California and Los Angeles, California
The Oh! My Nappy Hair Salons of California are full-service salons specializing in the styling, care and maintenance of Nappy Hair.  Our stylists, proudly referred to as Nap Specialists, are well versed in both natural and chemically treated hair care solutions. 

The Salons administer hands-on knowledge and creativity to you with the expertise necessary to do all hairstyles, from dredlocks to bone-straight hair. We will not discriminate when it comes to the many great hair textures God has created, be it natural (non-chemical) hair or chemically processed hair. We will always aim to please you in a professional and inviting atmosphere while you receive stimulating conversation and top quality service.